So my health…yeah that has definitely been a roller coaster ride and every time I get an answer I have so many questions.  So, where to start?  Well the last time that wrote about it I had a colonoscopy, which is something you don’t usually have until your 45 if your African American and 50 if your Caucasian.  And due to some not so good blood test results it was suggested that I get one done…so I did.

IMG_20131002_173018_447.jpgJust a reminder from the disgusting drink that I was forced to drink to clear out my colon lol…okay I may still be a little bitter lol.

So, after the colonoscopy they found two things: 1. a polyp in my illeum and 2. a carcinoid tumor in my rectum.  Now just for clarification rectum is not the anus…I learned this as I kept confusing the two.  Now, of course they biopsied the tumor to make sure it was a carcinoid and the doctor told me he didn’t suspect it was one but apparently he really did…I guess he was just attempting to comfort me.  Either way, I got a call a few weeks later and he told me that it was a carcinoid tumor….now the word tumor is definitely a scary word and so I’m not going to lie I ended up in my car crying after I first found out the results but I sucked it up and realized I had to just keep pressing on and so the next step was a rectal ultrasound at Emory.  Apparently they were the only ones in the Atlanta area that had the tool necessary to do so.  So, once again I took off another day of work to have it done.

IMG_20131111_103631_084.jpgMe putting a smile on my face before the rectal ultrasound because I felt like I would finally be getting some answers plus my mom made fun of me for taking a pic so I laughed a little lol.

IMG_20131111_103648_657.jpg And iv’s oh how I hate the.  I have been poked and prodded more than anyone would ever like to be poked and prodded trust me.

So, what is the purpose of a rectal ultrasound in this case. The purpose of this was to examine the tumor and biopsy it and determine rather or not it was cancer and rather or not it had spread.  And by the way I was told they were just going to biopsy the tumor but once he got me to the procedure room he had a detailed conversation with me about the tumor and how he was going to remove it and have it biopsied.  So, immediately after the procedure the doctor came in and told me that it was low grade cancer….yes…he actually said the word cancer and said that I would now need to get checked once a year to make sure it didn’t come back.  So, a little lesson…what does low grade mean?  Low grade means that it is slow growing which is definitely a good thing.  Of course I had to wait for the call of the biopsy results.  Enter my mistake…I tell everyone it’s all good its all gone…my mistake.

Enter, the phone call from the Dr. himself.  I was really surpised that he was calling me himself, I expected a tec or nurse or someone but it was him.  Enter, the words I didn’t want to hear, “Hi, Ms. Thomas. I was calling to see how you were doing.  Alright, great.  So, I got the tumor out…all of it, clean margins and everything so there is none of it left.  However, when they biopsied the tumor and opened it they say they found blood vessels and lymph nodes.  What this means is that I will be emailing oncology so that they can contact you and take your treatment on from here. They will probably want to do a lot of scans and then from there determine what the next step of your treatment will be.  It’s going to be okay so just hang in there okay.”.  So, there you have it…it could have spread somewhere else in my body.  So what are my thoughts?

Well, honestly I feel that it is somewhere else.  You know how you know your body and known when its off well I know something is off.  Now time out for a minute and I will explain why.

——> After visiting my OBGYN via my Gastroenterologist recommendation a pelvic ultrasound, regular ultrasound, and pap smear were done.  They found an ovarion cyst and a 4.2 cm mass on my kidney….so they said.  So, then they made me have CT Scan to scan my kidney ;  IMG_20131105_125009_078.jpg <—Enter another disgusting drink in order to allow the dye to go in my body.  FYI they then had to put an IV in my hand and then the die burned the crap out of me to the point where I yelled out loud and the guy stopped pushing the dye through.  So, anyways they called me and told me that the results of the CT Scan were clear; thus my confusion because how do you see a mass and then its gone; however, you know whats not gone my pain.

Now, back to the topic at hand…I feel that something else is still off and something else is still wrong.  And more importantly I cant believe that I had and could still have cancer.  I have had health issues my entire life so its never a surprise when I get the flu or something because I have the immune system of a newborn; however, cancer that is a whole new scary ball game.  

I’m dealing though and it if wasn’t for prayer and my family and friends I wouldn’t be making it.  My support system is like no other and I am going to continue to have to rely on them to make it through.  I just hope that the prayers keep rolling and that it hasn’t spread to anywhere in my body because it is definitely a struggle to remain positive.  As always, I’ll keep you guys updated and thanks for reading :) 

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